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Our company “Connect Lilies” was formed in 2010.We are a family business with a long affair with Lilies.
Connecting Lillies is grown at Liliumnursery Curacao in the region of Westland , South Holland .

We are passionate about lilies and have a range of product in our portfolio. We grow in several locations/nurseries so we can plan customise our collections for our customers .Our collection a wide range of lilies: Longiflorums, Asiatics, Orientals and Oriental Trumpets .

Connecting Lilies focuses on the European Supermarket segments in accordance with their specifications by using lily bulbs with different sizes for standard and premium lines.In addition, we also provide lilies for international retail markets.

We are flexible and responds fast to the market demand and needs as we are near the source as we are the source.
We have a clear insight to the “lily” and flower industry and believes in quick response to demand and supply.
Moreover, we also have a location in Spain to respond to seasonal demands.

We truly believe in connecting Lilies to the world.We are only one call away, always.

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Connecting Lilies

Connecting lilies believes in constant and consistent growth and knowledge. We have a special testing room where we test our weekly lilies and check on it’s flowering and leaf quality.Additionally, “Vase life”is a constant focus of our team .

Connecting with Artemis lilies

The liliumnursery Artemis Lilies B.V. at Almere and nursery Curaco B.V. at ’s Gravezande are fused in September 2017. The goal of the fustion is to provide every market segment of liliums. Whether the appearance is a Asians, Oriental, Longiflorum Asian (LA) Oriental Trumpet (OT) or a Longiflorum.
Artemis Lilies is a new nusery located at Almere ( Noord Holland), which is opened in January 2015. Year round the produce a a width range of Orientals and OT lilies. For this purpose they use bulbs of exlusive breeders; Southern Bulbs, The Orginals and other Dutch bulbbreeders. Artemis Lilies production process makes use of the latest state-of-art technology and logistics systems. Together with the professionalisme of the growers this ensures the constant quality of the lilies.

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Connecting growers

Connecting Lilies trades lilies from nurseries that meet their strictly quality standard that our own in-house nursery meets. And lilies cultivated according to internationally valid trademarks.

Nurseries which Connecting Lilies work together with:

  • Kwekerij Paul Sonneveld, ‘s-Gravenzande.
  • Kwekerij Aruba, ‘s Gravenzande.
  • Kwekerij Aruba, Almeria (Spanje).
  • Jos van Santen, Poeldijk.
  • Artemis Lilies, Almere.
  • Meijflor, Almeria (Spanje).

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